Nidarosdomen – Norway’s grandest cathedral 

Nidarosdomen is Norway's grandest cathedral

Nidarosdomen is the northernmost medieval cathedral in the world, and it’s the site of the coronation of kings in Norway. You can see the cathedral’s peaks from almost everywhere in Trondheim. I enjoyed taking pictures of it from every angle I could as I wondered around Trondheim. You don’t find cathedrals this old and grand …


A visit to Popeye’s Village

Popeye Village

Popeye’s Village is a quaint little village tucked away on one of Malta’s rocky shores. A relic from the movie on Popeye the Sailor-man that was shot here decades ago, they’ve kept this themed piece of rock true to the movie set. While it is not skydive-exciting, it is worth a visit for adults too. See, …


Innflytningsfest – Housewarming in Bergen 

Lovely view of the Bergen mountains in Norway

This weekend was a very important one, as we moved into our new home and entertained there for the very first time. Norwegians like a good party so it goes without saying, the drink flowed! Moods loosened up, and so did the limbs and waists, I’m happy to report! In Africa, a party has not …


A seafood date at Bergen Fish Market

Fisketorget i Bergen – or Bergen fish market – is a very popular attraction for tourists in Bergen.  Here, you will find sea food of  all sorts of shapes, some of it too frightening-looking for me to ever lay a finger on, let alone taste. But a savvy traveller like yourself already knows that  many …


A little shopping in Copenhagen

I have been keeping an eye out for a good pair of boots so on our weekend trip to Denmark, I decided on a bit of shopping in Copenhagen. We strolled along Copenhagen’s main shopping street, Stroget, I eventually happened upon a suitable, comfortable, robust and fashion safe pair of stompers in Ecco, and carried …


Understanding Scandinavian Culture and the Nordic People

I have been trying to understand Scandinavian Culture and the Nordic people in general, to make my integration here as smooth as possible. This region has got many cultural nuances, and I have learnt that you risk some frustration if you go in unarmed. You know what they say: knowledge is power. And forewarned is …