29 reasons I’ll never be stick thin

Dessert and good times

29 reasons I'll never be bone stick thin. 💁🏽 ~ ~ ~ #food #glorious #food #dessert #icecream #tea #travel #travelgram #lifestyle #realgirllifestyle #reallifeliving #whatwouldcatherinedo #havedesertiswhat #blogger #whatwouldcatherinedo | August 31, 2016 at 02:19PM This, please, everyday!

Reason 1 major: the love of all things sweet.

This, this, this! I can never resist a sweet treat, in fact this may be one of the more compelling reasons that gets me exercising. Just so I can keep saying ‘yes’ to more sweet things without having my waist line getting out of line!

This here in this picture was a lovely desert I shared with the boyfriend on a certain weekend in Sotra, Norway. Not only is sharing caring, but calories shared don’t count – right?


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