A brief trip to Oslo


I’m always happy to see snow! 🌨🌺 As long as I’m warm, that is.

I was about to say this was the first time I went to Oslo by myself, then I remembered I did take a work trip there in August last year. It was a 24 hours in-and-out trip, I get better at navigating the public transport each time 🤔 The trains, the tram, the bus, the apps! So proud of myself!

When I’ve been there with Ian, I’ve been more than happy to have him take care of that. Who needs independent woman mode when traveling with your man, like please. 😅 I am happy to take a back seat now and then.

But when I’m by myself haha I’m on full alert, eyes-in-the-back-of-my-head, independent-woman mode. So many ways to travel!

More power to all you solo female backpackers out there!

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