A safari in Murchison Falls National Park

There’s nothing like being out there in the wild with these incredibly graceful creatures!

safari in murchison falls uganda


We went for a morning safari drive at dawn and another drive in the late afternoon when we got a chance to get out of the car and get up close and personal-and somewhat slightly terrified-cause giraffes have got very strong hind legs, so you don’t wanna mess!

But it all went well. They were as curious as we were, moving farther away as we approached, but not too far, and turning around to have a look at us, these strange beings trailing them.


safari in murchison falls uganda


This safari was definitely one of the best ways to start the year, my face was so lit up with joy – as you can see in the pic of the au naturel, unabashedly-me version of myself.



And then there was the mother elephant that roared us out of her sight, being protective of her baby. She trumpeted so loud, and made as if to charge at us! We revved that engine so fast to get away! You don’t want to be chased by an elephant, trust me!

I can’t wait to go back! I’m told the animals are more playful at night, so maybe we’ll do a night time safari drive.


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