Hi! I’m Catherine and welcome to this part of the web! This space features life between Mediterranean Malta and Scandinavia. If you haven’t yet been to one of them or both, I hope to pique your interest in them, and perhaps get you to visit!

In 2015, I traveled to Malta to do a doctorate degree. I had also planned to make use of my time in Malta to take advantage of the cheap airfares to the rest of Europe. I was going to be an explorer extraordinaire. I was going to traverse Europe, I was going to be a weekend jet setter.

Well, 2016 quickly changed that because I wound up taking over 40 flights in just that year alone. This was a result of some shifts in my personal life that required more frequent travel. Or at least that’s what we chose. In any case I still became a jet setter, and I wasn’t complaining.

It soon became apparent that I was no longer living in Malta alone, but between Malta and Scandinavia. Ergo this blog. 

I love traveling, and I have been blogging (elsewhere) since 2011. This blog was honestly the natural progression of those two loves. I chronicle life on travel, and the occasional dose of health and beauty. The pursuit of my doctorate may also make an occasional appearance.
I hope you find my website in turns informative, helpful and entertaining.

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