A seafood date at Bergen Fish Market

Fisketorget i Bergen – or Bergen fish market – is a very popular attraction for tourists in Bergen.  Here, you will find sea food of  all sorts of shapes, some of it too frightening-looking for me to ever lay a finger on, let alone taste. But a savvy traveller like yourself already knows that  many strange looking things are delicacies in many parts of the world.

I learnt that Fisketorget has been around for ages. This is perhaps best evidenced by the fact that the locals love it too. On our night there, there were several older Norwegian couples that had come by for a meal of fresh fish.

I am not your typical sea food person. Yes, I do enjoy tilapia, salmon, turbot, cod – catch my drift? I’m about the more ordinary-looking fish. Offer me some lobster and crab and I am running for the hills. Have you seen the claws and jaws on these things? Also they seem to have an entire ecosystem living on their bodies. Why would I ever want to eat these creatures?


lobster at fish market bergen

Honey… surprise!

Well, it turned out that Ian had the very opposite idea in mind. Despite having grown up in the Bergen area, he had never ventured into the fish market to taste its delights. So this evening, having come down from Ulriken, he decided today was the day he was going to try a fish market dinner.

I was sceptical at first, and quite afraid of this type of fish (yes please, eye roll right on cue), but I decided to give it a go.

Long story short, we pointed at some of the live fish in the tank as our choice, Ian spoke to them about how many grams to cook for us, we sat down right there in the market, and had a dinner worthy of sea lords.

fish market fisketorget bergen norway

fish market fisketorget bergen norway

Com’on! What kind of savvy traveller does not like lobster!

You’re probably thinking “girl, what! Lobster! How do you say no to that.” Listen, lobster has been romanticised way beyond its virtues. Ian and I seem to agree on this. I think lobster may have earned its repute because it is not as common as crab, who knows. I’m happy to hear from any one that does.

I lived another day, conquered another fear, lived to tell about it. I am happy to report it was a very lovely dinner.

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