Dry skin woes during air travel


Dry skin is a bad news. Often when I fly I spend the whole day moving from plane to plane and it’s such skin-dehydrating business, this flying!

I find myself needing to re-moisturise my hands nearly every 2 hours. If my hands get that dry, I can only imagine what my face feels like! That’s why I do all of this the night before I travel. I try to avoid dry skin like the plague.

I’m writing this while air bound right now, and I made a mistake this time round. I was so sleepy last night that I forgot to mask, and only remembered to do so this morning. As a result, my skin is not as moisturised and supple as it would have been if I had masked and laid on the moisturiser very heavy last night. Actually I can’t even remember how much moisturiser I used last night, or which one! This is bad, this is very bad! This is definitely What Catherine Should Not Do!

My mask (a very lucky find I picked up in Norway) is very efficient, sucks out all that bad stuff and purifies, but if not followed with an adequate moisturiser, things may start to go SNAFU. Couple that with a whole day of travel, and I’m definitely feeling the effects.

Being ever the Duty Free shopper, I made my dutiful stop at the cosmetics counter, tried on a few things, and when I pulled my skin back towards the ears as I applied, it’s elasticity was wanting, it looked drier than usual. Thankfully I know just why, and how to remedy this.

Don’t be like forgetful Catherine, be more like the smart-traveling Catherine, your skin will thank you!

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