10 gift ideas for someone looking for a job

Many people will not be feeling very festive this holiday season because they have a lot weighing on their minds. Not having a job is one of those things that can make one feel like there’s nothing worth celebrating.
To help, here are 10 gift ideas for your friends or family that are looking for jobs tight now.

Professional CV writing

Help them get their foot in the door by gifting them the services of a professional CV writer. How many people ask to see the CVs of their friends that are looking for jobs, to see if they’re getting it right? Few to none, I bet. So, hire your loved one a professional CV writer.

A session with a career coach

Sometimes we all need a little help getting unstuck, getting back on track, finding a new path, or figuring out what direction to take in our career journeys to start with. This practical gift is great for both new graduates and mid-career professionals that are on the job market.

LinkedIn Premium

This version of LinkedIn comes with extra bells and whistles (courses, salary info, candidate comparisons so you know what qualifications your competitors have, etc) to help job seekers.Gift a Masterclass. Masterclass currently has a give-one-get-one-free promotion. It’s a win-win!


Give a skillshare giftcard. Skillshare has a trove of courses for people looking to kearn a new skill.

A valuable introduction

Make an introduction between your job-seeking friend and a valuable contact of yours that could help their career (if you trust this job-seeking friend not to embarrass you and bring shame to your good name).

A new interview outfit

A new interview outfit (+ shoes!) can be a game changer. First impressions can be lasting impressions. Help them make a great first impression.

A raincoat

A well-made, durable raincoat – nothing like bad weather to ruin a job interview by ruining a good outfit! Weather-proof your job-seeking friend. Good raincoats also tend to be quite expensive, so you’ll be doing your friend a solid.

A professional bag

Turning up to an interview with your papers organised makes a good first impression.

A weekend getaway

Looking for jobs is stressful. Being jobless can mean not being able to afford a getaway. Netflix and chill is great but sometimes you really want to get away and get in some RnR before returning to the daily grind. So buy them a vacation, even a small one will be appreciated.


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