Heading to the Motherland

This month I’m back in Uganda, to pick up from where I left teaching clinical pharmacy to 3rd and 4th year university pharmacy students. This is what I was doing before I left for Malta to do my doctorate, and I love this work so I’m back doing it before the summer recess ends and I have to return to being a student myself, doctoral research and all. After this I’ll be heading back to the Mediterranean yet again.


I took this picture in the Duty Free section at the airport, I could wander in Duty Free forever, so many beauty products to try without having to buy them first! The upside to frequent travel is you can try the product and go see how it stays with you for the duration of the day, then decide whether you want to buy it at another airport or next time you go through the same airport, or even just pass it up! 😄

Here, I have on a beautiful shade of Coco Chanel lipstick that I wound up buying ’cause I’ve never had a lipstick in that shade before and I just loved how it popped. Also, its staying power was quite good. I have to try it a bit more though just to be more certain.


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