Life in a new language – learning Norwegian 

Today I’m exactly midway through my Norwegian language classes. It has felt like home in Norway since March, but learning Norwegian makes it feel more like home even more each week.

The language class teacher is nice, kind and patient, and altogether we represent 9 countries.

We all are like toddlers learning to walk, our shaky Norwegian sentences thick with our native accents as we try to adopt Norwegian inflections. Every shaky sentence is a step towards a confident new life in a new language. We all can’t wait to be fluent!

There were so many sunny days this past week that I sort of forgot how used to the rain I had become over the winter.

The rain is now back in bucket loads! Fall is definitely here, no doubt about it. This city has more rain than any one city needs for an eternity, but I have stocked up on wool underclothes so I’m happy as a lark. When the sun comes out from behind the clouds though, Bergen is the loveliest city you ever saw!

On a whole other random note, or not really, since today is Wednesday, I like Wednesdays. I think I’m at my best on Wednesdays.

I’ve noticed that on Wednesdays, somewhere in the middle of the day, a fireball of energy overtakes me. I want to bake, spring clean, lay out the next week’s clothes, and go meet new friends, all in one Wednesday evening after work. I bet there are people able to do this. Are there? What kind of food do these people eat? Seriously, give me some recommendations please!



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