Lillehammer hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics and the town is never going to let anybody forget that. The whole town is beautifully branded with this fact, and you’ll see reminders of the Olympics everywhere; on banners, monuments and buildings. Olympics 1994, they all read.

The Olympics legacy lives on and Lillehammer continues to benefit economically from the infrastructure set up for their first Olympics, a feat not many cities manage to accomplish. From ski resorts for locals and global winter sports tourism enthusiasts to sports schools, Lillehammer has carved out a niche for themselves. Little wonder that the city went on to host the 2016 Youth Olympic Games. I think Lillehammer will likely host another Olympics someday.

We took a ski trip to Lillehammer this Easter, and I got to try out my ski legs yet again this year. Joy!

On this trip I got to ski along a more difficult slope, and it was hair-raising on the trip back down-slope but fun nonetheless.

I watched an episode of Top Gear a little over a week ago in which they made a car ski down the Ski-jump slope in Lillehammer. It was quite a thing – marvelous! That rocket-powered Mini skiing down the slope amused me so much, I later looked up the Top Gear episode on YouTube to show the husband. Imagine my excitement at seeing the ski-jump slope in person a few days later!


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