A visit to Popeye’s Village


Popeye’s Village is a quaint little village tucked away on one of Malta’s rocky shores. A relic from the movie on Popeye the Sailor-man that was shot here decades ago, they’ve kept this themed piece of rock true to the movie set. While it is not skydive-exciting, it is worth a visit for adults too. See, I thought it was a children only place but it turned out different.

Visiting Popeye's Village

Parts of it burnt down years ago but they were able to rebuild it. Popeye’s Village makes for a good view of the rocky island from here, the scenery is quite idyllic.

Sunny Mediterranean day at Popeye's Village

I really liked that Popeye’s Village seems stuck in another age. The quaint wooden houses, with the ancient, ramshackled furniture and tools; Popeye’s Village is more like a museum actually. You could say it’s a museum dedicated to the movie, Popeye the Sailor-man.

Visitors get to perform in reenactments of parts of the original movie, and there are some games too. Stepping into the different rooms around the village is like stepping into a time machine taking you back 60 years ago, with the old appliances and ‘decor’ used in the movie. I wasn’t sure what to expect going there but I liked Popeye’s.

How about restaurants? Any food in Popeye’s Village?

Yes. Do not expect much from the eateries though. They are just adequate enough to quench your thirst and fill your tummy, nothing fancy. 😉

Blue sky blue sea at Popeye Village



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