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I will say this first about Scandic Ørnen: they know how to lay out a breakfast. It’s such a large spread, you are left wanting for nothing! Whyy am I leading with food? Because who does not like a good breakfast!


breakfast at scandic ørnen in bergen

Don’t be fooled but our breakfast choices, Scandic Ørnen’s breakfast spread is a lot more impressive.


Our room was great; it was a junior suite, and when hotelling, extra space is always nice. More than nice, it is great!

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I’m told this is the newest Scandic in Bergen. It shows. It’s well-kept and the daily housekeeping here is certainly done a lot better than they do it at the Scandic Sunnjford in Førde.

I feel that if a client is forking out money on a hotel, especially one with a good name, then the least that client can expect is a quality product and service, as advertised. Many hotels seem to have trained their staff not to do proper housekeeping unless it is a guest’s final day and a new guest is coming in. Or perhaps this is what the staff train themselves to do, I have heard friends that have worked in this sector tell such stories.

I feel that this is not right. A guest is paying a good amount of money for every day they stay, the quality of service should similarly be consistent on all days. If they want you to bring housecleaning supplies so you can clean the room and cups and all, then they should I tell you at booking that it is a self-catering arrangement.

Happily, Scandic Ørnen had that consistent quality. Our room had lots of light streaming in, and while the view was not outstanding (parking lot, haha) I felt that that did not take away from our Scandic experience.


the scandic ørnen

The atrium


On one of the nights we had a lovely dinner at the rooftop restaurant, the Roast Restaurant and Bar. The views up here were great. I wish I had some show-worthy pics. We had lamb and the portions were very generous. I loved our time there, and I truly hate to say this, but I try to be absolutely honest in my reviews of the places I have been. The lamb was not memorable. Gasp! There I said it.


Unfortunately the desert was quite bland too. Actually that is an understatement. That strawberry soup thing was atrocious.  We had the 3-course set meal, and both had the same items, so we couldn’t even each try the other’s meal option. You must be thinking why, then, did she call it a lovely dinner? Because we still managed to have a lovely night. Maybe Ian and I are just great at having a good time haha.

Overall, the Scandic Ørnen is worth your money. The service is great and the staff courteous and helpful. Do not miss the breakfast! That and the lovely room were the best parts of our stay. Check out their rooftop bar and grab a drink. The view of the city from up there is really nice.

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