A little shopping in Copenhagen

I have been keeping an eye out for a good pair of boots so on our weekend trip to Denmark, I decided on a bit of shopping in Copenhagen. We strolled along Copenhagen’s main shopping street, Stroget,

I eventually happened upon a suitable, comfortable, robust and fashion safe pair of stompers in Ecco, and carried it off with me. Well, not exactly. Like I usually do, I wandered around Stroget some more looking for possible suitable candidates for boot of the winter 2016/2017. After all, it was a shopping in Copenhagen kind of day. Doesn’t count if you just pop in and out of a single shop, right?

I am thinking about boots too…. how much did the pair set you back?

I find it worth the precious pennies spent. Find out the prices here.

shopping in Copenhagen at Stroget

boots and shoping in copenhagen

Taking them out for a spin at Copenhagen’s New Carlsberg Museum, Glyptoteket.



Was that all for your shopping in Copenhagen?

Well, there was a really lovely salesgirl that took the time to share some tips on where to go as a tourist visiting Copenhagen. She said she was from Texas, on an employee exchange programme with Ecco Denmark. She seemed to have learnt a lot about leather during her training at Ecco’s factories and was eager to share the info. Well done Ecco.

Oh, and I bought a camera too! I am so excited about that! No, I did not buy it from Ecco of course. It is a lovely Sony A6000 and oh what fun I am going to have with this gorgeous gadget! Have a look at options on Amazon if you’re thinking of getting yourself a camera that is not attached to your phone or simply exploring photography.

It was quite chilly, saw me and the man bought ourselves some gloves. He got a pair of Loakes boots too. Mostly, we went around sight seeing and eating quite a lot. Food tourism is a thing!

One last thing. You can do your shopping tax free! Simply ask if the store is eligible for tax free shopping and they will be happy to tell you more and give you the necessary paperwork.


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