Sightseeing – Spring in Stockholm

Spring in Stockholm

On the way to Moderne Museet


Stockholm is a beautiful city all year round. As long as you remember to keep warm when the low temperatures set in, that is. I visited Stockholm for the first time in February, then again in March and I have many beautiful memories of this history rich city.

Thankfully, we didn’t have to worry about accommodation so we could spend that money on more important things. Like fabulous dining experiences! Hello Erik’s Gondolen!


The river near our flat, still frozen this time of year


The palace in Stockholm

Enjoying the Palace view



At the palace. Apparently the royals stand on this very spot for ceremonies, so I queened it too.

Apparently entry to many Stockholm museums is now free! My favourite price! This is a move by the government in a move to promote education and culture. The Swedes are seriously my kind of people.




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