The Maltese Islands – Gozo

The Maltese Islandsgame-of-thrones-whatwouldcatherinedo

Gozo is the second biggest of the Maltese islands, and a must visit when in Malta. Think of it as a more serene, cleaner version of mainland Malta. There are many sites to see on this island, it is rich in history. You may want to book yourself a room, or villa and spend more than one day on the island.

Places to go  while in Gozo

1.Victoria – The capital. A good place to visit quaint shops with Gozitan crafts and more.

2. Citadella – The fort, originally built by the Romans in the heart of  Victoria then rebuilt by the Knights of St John, now houses a museum, some restaurants and some conference rooms and lovely terraces accessed via narrow ancient streets. The citadel also houses a cathedral built in 1697. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan you’ll want to see the Citadella, some of the GOT scenes were shot here.


The sunset as seen from inside the gates of Gozo’s Citadella

3. Dwerja Bay and The Azure Window – supposedly it’s splitting apart slowly over time, you might want to see it before it is a window no more. People like swimming here as well and exploring the caves. The popular diving spot, Blue Hole, is located here. The Inland Sea, Il-Qawra, great for swimming, is also located in this area.

4. The Saltpans

5. Malsaforn – Have lunch or sunbathe at the seaside

6. Xlendi – Swim or dive


The Azure Window

How to get to Gozo

1. By ferry from Malta

2. By boat from Comino


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