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Maldives travel essentials

It is not vain to want to look your best. I actually think it is important for my overall health to look good. I’m half joking when I say this but it is also true. When you look good, you feel good. And that is great for your overall well-being. Taking care of self begets good health, begets looking good and suddenly, hello gorgeous!

So it goes without saying that my travel essentials are things I need to look and feel good. Here is a list of things that hit the suitcase first when I pack for any trip.

My skin care musts!

Moisturiser – I favour La Roche Posay. I like La Roche Posay’s no frills, bare necessities approach to skin care. Their products work superbly for me, and I find the price point affordable too.  So, in the suitcase you go! It is important to have a day cream, and a night cream. I layer that night cream on real thick, and get blessed with rested, supple skin the next morning.

Cleanser – Again, La Roche Posay. Body Shop too. Some people are not keen on Body Shop products but honestly they’ve always worked well on my skin. Their Tea Tree oil cleanser is one of the best products for my skin. I have also bought from the Body Shop a perfect match foundation that I use for those seasoms of the year when my skin is lighter. Their foundation range is not that large but it was a great addition to my Dior and MAC collection, especially here in Norway where getting foundation for darker complexions can be a challenge.

Facial Mask – I discovered the best mask in a Norwegian pharmacy once. I don’t know if it is made or sold anywhere else, but it works like a charm! It’s called Feelosophy. Aptly named! This is not one of those wet masks that people like to wear on planes for their instagram posts. This is a treatment mask that I use at night to get rid of any black heads or budding pimples, and to simply brighten my complexion and shake off that travel dullness.

Anti-acne lotions – I always travel with a salicylic acid gel as well as a benzoyl peroxide gel. As soon as I see a pimple trying to take up territory on my face, these bad boys come out so fast and I slap them on! I am nervous to go anywhere without meds for the zeets.

Micellar wipes – Listen, Linda! I thank God for the genius that created these. Enough said. One of my favourites is Clinique

Let’s move on to non-skincare items that I always travel with.

Sewing kit – Listen, anything can happen anywhere. My motto is if you stay ready you don’t have to get ready.

An elegant outfit – Because if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready! I always try to incorporate a formal/elegant outfit choice and sensible shoes. You never know who you will run into or what you might get invited to. Obviously this depends on your traveling style and what sort of circles you move in, but I’m not quite the backpacker type and rarely rought it, so I am always going to have an outfit for just in case I run into a UN delegate or something.

What are your travel musts? Share in the comments below, teach me a thing or two!

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