Vlogging, creative writing and dreams not pursued

When I first started blogging, it was because I like writing. Creative writing, that is. I feel that this is a hobby/skill/talent I have slept on. What I mean is, I did not pursue or make it. With practice my writing could have gone somewhere and I could have done some serious writing and perhaps even got paid for it because I wasn’t bad at all, to be honest with you. But I never pursued it very far beyond a few blog posts and short stories on my very first blog in 2011. I do not want to live a life of regret, or wonder about what could have been decades from now. I feel that if you truly love something, and the dream and passion refuse to fade you should go ahead and do it!

I have  a lot of creative energy, and I feel that if I ever did nothing but the work in the profession I went to school for, I would not feel like I had achieved my fullest potential. Which brings me to vlogging.

I have wanted to create videos for a very long time. I made my first YouTube video in 2011. I posted it, then took it down. For some reason, I never pursued that very far either. But the desire to do it has always stayed with me.

After starting this blog, I went ahead and purchased a fancy camera – fancy to me that is. I wanted to shoot great pictures and make great photos, and be really serious about growing this website.

My biggest challenge, and perhaps the thing that holds me back from finishing many things I have started is that I am always doing a million things at a go. Currently I am just completing my doctorate. I have told myself that that is what has held my other pursuits ransom and stopped me from going very far, but I don’t know if that is true. Granted I have been doing many things and juggling a zillion balls but lots of people get so much done in a day that I feel I should be able to accomplish much too.

Anyway, today marks a new beginning. I am going ahead full steam an dI am going to put in the work and pursue the things I feel passionate about. I have my youTube channel set up and everything. I am still editing and uploading some more videos before making it public. I also need to make a few more purchases to add to my collection of equipment. I need sound mufflers for my camera (is that what they are called?), I need a microphone, extra batteries, tripod, Sony RMT-DSLR2 Wireless Remote Control for DLSR and NEX Camera“>remote, and a bunch of other things! I really like the meFOTO tripod but I just watched a review of the AmazonBasics 60 inch lightweight tripod and, listen Linda, I think I just might get that! It is so low cost, and looks like it can get the job done.

Anyhow, wish me luck, and I will keep you posted!

Stuff I’ma need:

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